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Frankie Bolder

360° Feedback

Client comments:

'"Thank you so much for the dream team you put together! We all had the best time working together and the event was such a success."

-Corporate Client, Oct 2021

"The team was fantastic last week, as always. They actually got way more done than I thought possible, which is awesome!"

-Corporate Client, Feb 2021


"Monique and team did an AMAZING job last week!! They have been extremely focused and helpful which has allowed us to get further than we anticipated." 

-Corporate Client, Oct 2020

"The (CLAD360) team today for Nordstrom was great - they all worked very well together and got it done!"

-Corporate Client, Nov 2019

"I am a big fan of your company! Your team literally saved my life over the past two weeks. They worked so cohesively and efficiently, they are terrific. No, beyond terrific!"

-Corporate Client, Oct 2019

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